Testing Facility and Support

At CRN Okanagan node, we work on advanced characterization, simulation and process optimization of fibrous materials. We have a collection of testing facilities as wells as in-house fixtures for characterizing woven fabrics. Multi-scale FEM models developed by CRN researchers allow advanced simulation of real engineering applications. We also explore areas such as embedded sensors for process and lifecycle monitoring, Industry 4.0 integration, machine learning analytics and optimization.

CRN-Okanagan has a wide array of equipment to support all research activities in the field of composites manufacturing, advanced statistical methods, materials engineering and mechanical engineering. Key areas include manufacturing capabilities, materials and mechanical characterization suites, non-destructive testing equipment, design software and advanced hardware and software dedicated for a range of simulation activities. We have access to Abaqus, Ansys Mechanical + fluent CFX, LS-Dyna AVIZO MSC Software, PAM RTM, COMPRO CCA, and RAVEN. There are some custom subroutines for composite simulations in Abaqus; including:

  • VUMAT and VUINTERACTION for compliant penalty approach in form of DEFGEN model

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