Industrial Collaborative R&D

Much of the research that takes place at CRN-Okanagan is underpinned by the highly fruitful and highly collaborative projects between the laboratory and industrial partners. Such research projects are tailored to fit the needs of the industrial partner, both in scope and time, to provide maximum value for all parties. Leveraging the world-class facilities, alongside the cutting-edge research principles of the personnel of CRN-Okanagan, this goal is readily achieved throughout all such projects. A small cross-section of what these projects entail can be seen in the table below.

Please see the Publications page for more details on research projects and tech briefs that illustrate the nature and conclusions of this research theme.

The Ford Company
With a focus on materials characterisation and forming-based process simulation, CRN-Okanagan worked with the industrial and other partners on the project, in order to provide insight into the forming behaviour of novel non-crimped fabric (NCF) carbon fibre composited for applications in the automotive industry.

National Research Council – Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory
NRC – DRAO has provided international leadership in the introduction of composites-based antenna array, especially in a bid for inclusion in the second generation of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA2). As part of this, CRN-Okanagan supported the project by performing a range of thermomechanical tests to ensure that the hybrid carbon-aluminum laminate for the radar dish would satisfy durability outcomes in the form of creep, fatigue, dimensional stability, strength, among others.

Textron, Helios Global Technologies
Working with Imperial College London, CRN as a key research stakeholder, has supported the product development of a novel shear-thickening material for high-speed applications. One such application is for floor blast matting in Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs). Project management and execution that involved fixture design, sensor specification, testing and analysis of a dynamic blast test, rounded out the activity for the industrial partners.