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Tech Briefs

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Preliminary experimental investigation into the use of biofibres and biopolymers
in solar panel support truss systems
Point-cloud digitization of large and featureless composite travel trailer
structures towards flexible product design and portfolio management
In-situ mechanical characterization of industrial hosing performanceCRNO-31032020-1
Characterization of novel polymer has a candidate replacement for low-cost
GFRP laminates
Thermal recycling of GFRP for marine applicationsCRNO-06052019-1
Mechanical Behavior of Fiberglass/Unsaturated Polyester Composites, with Biochar Filler for Carbon Sequestration, Under Three-Point BendingCRNO-23032017-1
Characterisation of the degradation of lignin-coated particle board under accelerated ageing conditions of temperature and humidityCRNO-16042017-1
The use of right-sized simulation to aid in better decision-making for complex composite materials manufacturing systemsCRNO-14082017-1
Cost modeling of the manufacture of a GFRP leisure boat hull for both open chopped spray moulding and resin infusion processes CRNO-11082017-1
3D scanning of artistically-derived GFRP tooling for the production of parametric manufacturing drawings of tub shower productsCRNO-02082017-1
Multiscale modeling of circular woven hoses towards the reduction of mechanically-driven in-situ performance defectsCRNO-02082017-1
Mechanical property study and analysis of a novel stone-polymer composite material using recycled granite slurryCRNO-10062017-1
Experimental investigation of the load-response and failure mode behaviour of modern dental implant materials CRNO-13092017-1
Application of composite materials in mobile food truck tandoor ovensCRNO-13092017-1
Structural Health Monitoring in Sensor-integrated Smart Composites
  • Presents a comprehensive focus on sensor systems embedded in composite materials which provide the “monitoring” feature of this engineering design.
  • Summarizes the fundamentals of structural health monitoring systems including the principles, characterization, and challenges presented by fabrication and signal processing methods.
  • Includes two expanded case studies with analyses of challenges, testing methods, and solutions.
  • Provides a detailed description of the testing methods used in these examples to understand how the novel sensors work in monitoring the condition of composite woven fabrics.