Rohith J K

P.hD. Student and Research Assistant

EME 1212




I started my engineering journey at BS Abdur Rahman University in India, where I pursued Mechanical Engineering and successfully obtained my Bachelor’s degree in 2017. During this time, I had the opportunity to intern at Festo India Limited and work on a captivating Capstone project centered around the development of a “Smart Intravenous Device” for local hospitals. This project received recognition and support, as I was awarded a grant of 25,000 CAD from Texas Instruments and the Department of Science and Technology of India.

Following my undergraduate studies, I delved into the world of start-ups, utilizing my skills as a product design engineer. In 2019, I secured a junior research fellowship at the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology Madras, where I gained valuable experience in academic research, particularly in the fields of additive manufacturing, tribology, and mechatronics. Motivated to make a positive impact, I founded the Madras Scientific Research Foundation in 2020, through which I aimed to share technical knowledge with underprivileged students both in rural India and globally.

Currently, my focus lies in advanced additive manufacturing and its applications in the manufacturing of bio-composites and Industry 4.0. I have developed an Augmented Reality (AR) model for temperature control, which holds immense potential in sectors such as warehouse management and composites manufacturing. This work has earned me recognition in the form of scholarships, including MITACS, and collaborations with organizations like Perfit Dental Solutions.

In 2023, I successfully completed my Master of Applied Science (MASc) degree from UBC, specializing in additive manufacturing optimization and immersive technology. During my time as a master’s student, I had the privilege of receiving various scholarships and grants, such as the Hi-Fi grant worth 25,000 CAD under the guidance of Dr. Milani. Additionally, I actively served as the vice president of TA and RA at the Engineering Graduate Students Society, where I also mentored undergraduate students in research through the MURPH program.

Driven by a passion for sustainable manufacturing through Industry 4.0, I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. while co-founding Vantech Technologies, a medical product development company, with the support of Dr. Milani at CRNO and UBC. My endeavors have been further bolstered by grants such as the IEI and e@UBC Pitch grants.

Throughout my engineering career, I have honed my leadership skills and expanded my knowledge in various capacities. From university experiences to diverse team collaborations, my expertise encompasses additive manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing, and immersive technology.


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, UBC, Canada
  • MASc, Mechanical Engineering, UBC, Canada
  • BASc, Mechanical Engineering, Abdur Rahman University, India

Research Interests

  • MEMS and Sensor Development
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Bio-Composite Design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Educational Technology