Instron 5969 Dual Column Load Frame

5960 Series systems perform tensile, compression, bend, peel, tear, puncture, creep, and cyclic tests on all raw materials and finished goods. The performance and versatility of the 5960 Series systems make them the industry standard throughout the biomedical, automotive, and electronics industries to test materials and products made from plastics, metals, elastomers, adhesives, biomedical devices, composites,  textiles, and more. Control of the testing system is carried out via Instron Bluehill software. Setting test parameters, operating the system, and collecting test data is done through the software program. The Instron system can be used alongside the Extensometers or Digital Image Correlator (DIC) to measure the local strain field.


  • Capacity: 50 KN
  • Minimum Speed: 0.001 mm/min
  • Maximum Speed: 600 mm/min
  • Vertical Test Space: 1212 mm

List of Instron Grips:

Cord Capstan Tensile Grips


Catalog no. 2715-001

Grip Specifications


Catalog no. 2715-002

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Jaw Faces for Mechanical Wedge Action Tensile Grip (2716-020)

V-serrated Faces

Catalog no. 2703-153

Grip Specifications

Flat/diamond serrated(0-0.25)

Catalog no. 2703-151

Grip Specifications

Flat/diamond serrated(0.25-0.5)

Catalog no. 2703-152

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Jaw faces for Screw Side Action Tensile Grip (2710-116)


Catalog no. 2702-311

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Catalog no. 2702-353

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The Universal Grip Company:

Scissor Grip

20 KN, square jaw serrated jaws

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List of Wyoming Test Fixtures Grips:

Compression Platens

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Climbing Drum Peel Test Fixture

ASTM D1781

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Block-Shear Strength of Adhesive Bonds

ASTM D4501

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Mixed-Mode Bending Fracture Toughness Test Fixture

ASTM D6671

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V-Notched Rail Shear Test Fixture

ASTM D7078

Grip Specifications


Rubber Retraction Test Fixture

ASTM D1329

Grip Specifications


Three- and Four-Point Flexure Test Fixture

ASTM D790, 6272, 7264

Grip Specifications


Wyoming Modified IITRI Compression Test Fixture

ASTM D3410

Grip Specifications


Laminate Bearing Strength Test Fixture SCAMA Version

ASTM D5961

Grip Specifications


Roller Drum Peel Test Fixture

ASTM D3167

Grip Specifications


Curved Beam Strength Test Fixture

ASTM D6415

Grip Specifications


Short Beam Shear Test Fixture

ASTM D2344

Grip Specifications