Dr. Farzan Gholamreza

Postdoctoral Fellow and Cluster Coordinator

EME 1212



Farzan received his PhD degree in Human Ecology, Textile and Apparel Science at the University of Alberta. He has been engaged in research that focuses on textiles, functional apparel, protective clothing, and their performance analysis during his academic career. He initiated his studies at Amirkabir University of Technology which led him to develop specialized knowledge in textiles, such as the properties and structure of fibers, yarns, and fabrics. Perusing his academic career at the University of Alberta has deepened and expanded his scientific scope and added a human ecological perspective. This unfolds the characteristics of frontline workers’, firefighters’, industrial workers,’ and first responders’ ecological crises encountered in their occupational environments through human ecological theory with the eventual aim of engineering textile materials to assist in protecting them from harm and physiological strains.

Education (Graduate Theses)

Research Interests

As part of the UBC Cluster of Research Excellence in Comfort-Enhancing Technologies, Farzan’s main objective is to conduct multidisciplinary research that focuses on textiles, functional apparel, and performance analysis, leading to the development of new textile materials and clothing systems for human safety and health. This research primarily focuses on furthering understanding of the mechanisms associated with heat and moisture transfer between the human body, the clothing system, and the environment, with the eventual aim of improving the functionality of clothing systems to achieve maximum performance.

Farzan’s research interests also pertain to the following areas:

  • The evaluation of heat transfer and moisture transport through functional textiles for the protection and comfort of human beings.
  • The determination of thermal energy in fabric systems that may cause skin burn injury during and after exposures using standard laboratory testing systems and instrumented mannequins.
  • The performance analysis and material response upon exposure to different hazards such as flash fire, hot surface contact, radiant heat, steam, and hot liquid splash.
  • Analysis of hydrodynamics of hot water flow on the fabrics and its influence on thermal performance of fabric systems.
  • Development of the existing bench scale and full-scale test methods and equipment used in textile material and clothing evaluation.
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