Bryn Crawford

Lab Co-ordinator, PhD Student, Lecturer

EME 1212



I began my engineering career in Adelaide, Australia. At The University of Adelaide, I studied Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, obtaining my honours degree in 2010, with a Capstone project focusing on the design and construction of a catapult-launched maritime UAV for sonobuoy deployment. I then completed a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2011 and migrated to Canada. I have worked as a quality and optimization engineer in a major Australian steel rolling mill, as a design engineer for resonance-based pile driving systems, a project manager for a pressure vessel manufacturer in the oil and gas industry. I joined the Composites Research Network – Okanagan node in 2012 as a Research Engineer and worked in that capacity for four years, also obtaining my P.Eng designation. I have since returned to student status to obtain my PhD, while also managing much of the laboratory research capacity, being a Lecturer in the School of Engineering faculty, and also developing my business goals in the region.


  • B.Eng Aerospace and Mechanical (honours) – Adelaide University, Australia
  • M.Eng Mechanical – Adelaide University, Australia
  • PhD Mechanical (ongoing) – University of British Columbia

Research Interests

  • Composite Materials and Processing
  • Bayesian Networks and other probabilistic methods
  • Multidisciplinary engineering and project management